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State Rendezvous

August 5-7, 2016

Turpin Meadows, Jackson, WY




WBCH State Meeting

April 9, 2016 - 10:00 am

Thermopolis - Days Inn




BCHA Nat'l. Board Mtg.

April 21-23, 2016

Las Vegas, NV



Wyoming Back Country Horsemen


2011 State Schedule


Here are links to our 2009 & 2010 schedules:  2009 WBCH Schedule    2010 WBCH Schedule



February 12 State Meeting - 11:00 am  
    Thermopolis - Days Inn  
April 26-30 BCHA National Board Meeting    
    Butte, MT    
May 14 State Meeting - 10:30 am    
    Thermopolis - Days Inn    
June 4 National Trails Day
July 22-24 WY BCH State Rendezvous   Rendezvous Reservation Form
    Double Cabin in Shoshone Nat'l. Forest    
    Hosted by the Wind River Chapter    
  TBA Wyoming State Fair
November TBA State Meeting - 11:00 am
    Site TBA    



2011 State Rendezvous

Hosted by the Wind River Chapter, July 22-24.


2011 Wyoming BCH State Rendezvous Reservation Form



Double Cabin in Shoshone National Forest - approximately 20 miles northwest of Dubois, Wyoming, and adjacent to the Washakie Wilderness.  The Double Cabin are is one of the most beautiful spots in the Shoshone NF and features some outstanding camping and riding oppportunities.  Plenty of room for parking of big trailers, horse comtainment & live water.  The gravel road into the Rendezvous area will be marked.


We will have a "Headquarters" tent open for business on Thursday, July 21, so check in when you arrive.  Trail maps, ride sign-up sheets and other info available at check in.  Arrivals prior to the 21st okay but still need to check in.  We will have spotters to help you find a suitable parking place.  There are several corrals on a first-come basis, some area for electric fences or foot picketing depending upon attendance, limited trees for high lining so consider lining between trailers.  If you plan to arrive after dark, let us know so we can assist in finding you a camp spot.


Portable toilets available in Rendezvous area.


There is a FS fee campground adjacent to the main Rendezvous area which is available for trailer and tent camping.  No horses allowed in campground.  $5.00 per night charge.






  • Individual or guided group rides.  Four different trail routes - Frontier Creek, Wiggins Fork. Bug Creek and Indian Point.
  • Saturday night BBQ - pig roast with all the "fixings."
  • Sunday morning breakfast - pancakes, bacon, eggs, the works.
  • Entertainment - old time music, storytellers, poets.
  • Fun activities - contests:  most bow legged, best mustache, best cowboy hat, fanciest boots and more.
  • Auction of various items - cash or checks accepted.
  • Lots of socializing with horsemen from around the area.

If you are a singer, poet or storyteller, please consider sharing your talent.  We're culturally deprived here in Wyoming so need you to enrich our lives.



Horses can get water at creek.


Certified horse feed required.

  • Certified hay, cubes & pellets:  Big Horn Coop, 1157 North Federal Hwy 26/789, Riverton, WY.
    From Shoshoni:  one block south of the first stoplight.
    From Lander or Sweetwater Station:  one block north of the fourth stoplight.
  • Grain, cubes & tack:  Linton's Big R, 511 E. Sunset, Riverton, WY.
  • Grain & cubes:  Lander Mills, E. Main, Lander.
  • All feed & tack:  White Horse Supply, Hwy 789, Thermopolis, WY.
  • Tack:  Western Supply, Main St., Riverton, WY.



Coggins, health certificates and brand inspections needed if coming from out of state.  WY horsemen need brand inspections when crossing county lines.  Recommend shod stock as some trails are moderately rocky.



No loose dogs!  All dogs must be on a leash - even at your own campsite.  No dogs, even if leashed, allowed in catering area.  Trailboss/ride leader will decide if dogs can go on rides.  Please clean up after your dog!



FS food storage regulations apply.  No processed horse feed or human food left unattended, including coolers, during the day.  All food items and garbage stored securely at night.  Firearms discouraged - if you are concerned, bring bear spray.  This is a popular, well-used camp area and the chances of a bear encounter are little to none.  Another suggestion to ward off bears is to slather one of your party with bacon grease and stake outside your camp as a detractor!



Bring your own food and drinking water.


Tickets - Registration Form




Groups to single individual.  Some group rides will be guided, sign-up available with a limit of 20 riders per group.  Numerous water crossings on all rides so recommend schooling your horses accordingly.


Example:  Frontier Creek ride (tentative) to the Petrified Forest is about 20 miles total, up and back, so recommended for "in condition" gaited or other good traveling animals.


Medical Care

The nearest medical care is available during the week in Dubois at the Dubois Medical Clinic, (307) 455-2515, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.  No prescription drug store in Dubois.  We will have several folks trained in first aid on-site.



In Riverton, WY.  All treat large animals.  Bute and Banamine available.

  • The Stock Doc - (307) 856-7764
  • G Bar G - (307) 857-1996
  • Bill Wilson, DVM - (307) 856-3298



Al Sammons - redmule@wyoming.com or call (307) 856-5021.  If you'd like a printable copy of the above information, please click on this link:  2011 Rendezvous info.