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State Rendezvous

August 5-7, 2016

Turpin Meadows, Jackson, WY




WBCH State Meeting

April 9, 2016 - 10:00 am

Thermopolis - Days Inn




BCHA Nat'l. Board Mtg.

April 21-23, 2016

Las Vegas, NV



Cloud Peak Back Country Horsemen


About Us




Our club meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month alternating between Buffalo and Sheridan.  Our yearly membership dues are $30 for an individual or $35 for a family.  We have our own website at http://www.cpbch.org.  Check it out!



Cloud Peak BCH has been around since 1991.  We are a chapter of a State and National BCH organization.  We have about 35 family memberships (mostly couples) and several singles.  We are a friendly group & new folks are always welcomed.


Originally we were almost all Buffalo residents, but in the last couple of years we have had a shift towards Sheridan.  Currently, we try to alternate our meetings between the towns.  Our Sheridan membership tends to be younger and more active.


Primarily, we are a service organization working with the Forest Service to clear, maintain, and repair trails.  CPBCH built and maintains the Elgin Park Trailhead and the trails around it.



In 2008, one of our summer projects was to work with the WY Conservation Corp.  Some of our members packed in their gear and supplies for them to rebuild the Florence Pass Trail.  It was in a bad way and one fellow lost a mule in 2007 and could easily have lost his life when the pack mule tumbled down off the trail.


Trail Rides

As a club, we obtained a 25-year renewable lease from the State Land Board for a piece of property that guarantees free access to horsemen for the Hole in the Wall.  In return, we maintain the property.  The landowners down there denied that there was access to the Hole for horsemen without paying their huge fees - and this fall we got a sign up to show where the trailhead is.  Every year we have a club ride into the Hole in the Wall led by Larry Durante.  It is about a 16-mile round trip ride to the top of the Hole.  There is a 20 person limit for this ride.


Each spring, the club plans a ride to raise funds for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.


We sponsored a statewide BCH Rendezvous in summer 2007 and had a good turnout.  It was north of Burgess Junction and we had 72 people and horses attend.  We are sponsoring the 2014 statewide BCH Rendezvous at Baby Wagon Creek in the Bighorn Mountains.


Other than that, we don't have regularly scheduled group outings, although many members get together in groups and ride for fun.  Most of our members hunt and fish, but that isn't a part of our organization per se.